Under California law, it is illegal to return wines once sold, except for defective wines, which may be returned for credit or replacement within thirty days of purchase. All returned wines must be accompanied with a receipt. Please contact us with any concerns or issues with your wines. We’re here to keep you crushin’ on wine. No doubt!


Save the remainder of all wine that is left in the bottle! This is like so totally important. Why does it even matter? Well…for starters, this helps us to identify any possible flaws. What is the next step? Return it at lightning speed to Wine Moderne. Once we receive the bottle. We can proceed to issue you a refund or replacement. Let’s get you to feel the charm of another far-out producer.

We also return the product back to vendor for a replacement. They gotta to see the juice to make it happen. They can also trace any other potential issues. Info gathered while assessing the wine can provide basic markers and lead to answers. It opens up the conversation, that can lead to improvement. Later, wineries are able to maintain higher quality for our pleasure. Make sense?

Contact us to make arrangement as soon as you can. We can send for a pick up or also send a label for your convenience.